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#SalesDevSquad Podcast was founded in 2019 as a vehicle intended to develop SDR's core academic, technical and employability skills; provide them with continuous education, training; and place them in high-demand, high-opportunity jobs.

Episode 12: How to change careers with Thomas Jansen

Today we will be chatting with the Thomas Jansen, a US Army Veteran, pre-HIRED graduate, and most recently an SDR at Advantax!
After transitioning out of the military in December 2013, Thomas landed some work as an Automotive Mechanic and shortly after he decided to explore a career in tech sales after receiving an ad for the 100% remote pre-HIRED science based sales program. Through pre-HIRED's program he learned the basic fundamentals of cold calling, tools used in an SDR role, and received mentorship on interview best practices. Luckily enough he was able to land his first ever SDR role shortly after at Advantax and has nearly doubled his income. I am so excited to see where Thomas' new career will take him and the opportunities that have now become available for him!
Thomas Jansen:
Advantax Career Opportunities:
pre-HIRED Science-based Sales program:


Episode 11: How to have a Success-Oriented Mindset with Kyle Vamvouris

Had a great chat with Kyle Vambouris who is currently the Manager, Inside Sales at Blume Global. In this very special edition of the SalesDevSquad podcast, Kyle shares his journey in tech sales and shares his views on why Mindset is perhaps the most essential piece in achieving success in the SDR role and beyond.
From Sting ray fishing with a former rep on his team to publishing his very own Sales book, "Cold to Committed", Kyle is truly dedicated to the long term success of his reps.
Kyle Vamvouris:
Blume Global Career Opoortunities:


Episode 10: How to be a Marketing Mastermind with Katie Morrissey

Today we will be chatting with the inspiring Katie Morrissey, who runs the Inbound Sales Development team for Wistia based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Wistia helps businesses add their videos to the web, track their performance, and build and engage with their audiences in meaningful ways.
Katie has prior tech sales experience working for Hubspot as an Inbound Business Development Rep and quota carrying closer. She has also worked exclusively in the marketing software industry for the past 5 years.
Katie Morrissey SDR Manager @ Wistia:
Wistia Career Opportunities:


Episode 9: Why we love Sales Development with Jackson Lieu l 1Up Sales Development x SalesDevSquad

Had the pleasure of connecting with a great like minded individual in the Sales Development community, Jackson Lieu. We shared our experiences into tech sales, what Sales Development means to us, and our challenge to the Sales Development community.
Jackson started his sales career in retail and slowly transitioned into B2B SMB sales at ADP where he learned how to cold call and after just 5 weeks he totaled an impressive 3,025 Dials. Jackson is also the host of the 1Up Sales Development podcast and is passionate about continuously learning from others and improving his skills. Jackson is a hungry, dedicated, and driven salesman and is currently on the hunt for his next opportunity within tech sales in the Orange County/Los Angeles area.
Jackson Lieu:
1Up Sales Development Podcast:


Episode 8: How to have the right tools for the job with Kiefer Dieckamp

Today we will be chatting with the legendary Kiefer Dieckamp, who runs the Sales Development team for Costello based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Kiefer majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Purdue University and recently graduated from Indiana's very own TechPoint Sales Bootcamp. Kiefer is a jack of all trades with experience ranging from loading and washing cars to helping first-time homebuyers lock in their first mortgage, he has truly done it all.
Kiefer Dieckamp:
Costello Sales Co-Pilot Software:


Episode 7: How to maximize performance and mental wellness with Alexandria Smith

Today we will be chatting with the inspiring Alexandria Smith, SDR Manager @ Headspace based out of Santa Monica, CA. Alex is a University of Alabama alumnus with a prior background in Yoga instructing and has canyoned through waterfalls in Patagonia, Argentina. She is dedicated to assembling sales culture, tools, data, resources, and communication channels that give large groups of people the ability to be successful in their roles.
Alex Smith:
Headspace Career Opportunities:


Episode 6: How to keep your SDR team engaged with Emily Haines

Today we will be chatting with the amazing Emily Haines, SDR Manager @ Handshake based out of San Francisco, CA. Emily is a University of Arizona alumnus with a prior background in Social Media, Video Production, and Account Management. She was also one of the first SDRs at Houzz even before the original "SDR" term was coined.
Emily Haines:
Handshake Career Opportunities:


Episode 5: How to create effective cold emails with Patrick Joyce

Today we will be chatting with my good friend Patrick Joyce over at FullCast. Patrick has a prior background as a math teacher, insurance sales, tech sales, and now spearheads the business development team over at Fullcast. His team of Sales Ops and Salesforce experts offer CRM consulting services for migrations, acquisitions, and other data projects.
Patrick Joyce: patrick@fullcast.io
Fullcast Career Opportunities: